Christian wedding registration in Chennai

Complete guide on how to register Christian wedding in Chennai

Why should do Christian wedding registration in Tamilandu:

Christian wedding registration is the legal way to get married properly legally. Not only for love wedding, it will be useful for arranged wedding couples those who wish to get married simply. You can save money and time if you perform your wedding through Christian wedding registrars.

Many couples prefer to do simple Christian wedding registration only in this corona lock down time. But simple Christian wedding registration is always best economically as well as legally.

So those who in need of wedding certificate for safety, visa, and other legal purpose and those who like simple wedding can do Christian wedding registration.

Planning for doing Christian wedding registration in Chennai :

If you plan to do Christian wedding registration in Chennai , first you have to plan your convenient date for registration in Chennai. If date is confirmed book your appointment in advance and then start to collect documents .

Documents required for Christian wedding registration in Chennai :

  • Age proof for both Husband/Groom and Wife/Bride :(Any one of following Document)
    • Birth Certificate (or)
    • School / collage Transfer Certificate (or)
    • School / collage mark sheet (or)
    • Passport
  • Address proof for both Husband/Groom and Wife/Bride :(Any one of following Document)
    • Aadhar Card (or)
    • Passport  (or)
    • Driving License (or)
    • Voter ID
    • Ration Card

Photos :
passport size photos 6 Nos for both

  • Divorce order/ Death certificate _ (If bride or groom Divorcee/Widower )

Note : If both have passport , it is enough for both age and address proof. If available you can keep education or birth certificate for age proof.

Now Aadhar card also required for register Christian wedding in Tamilnadu

Who can be a witness for Christian wedding registration in Chennai :

There is no necessary to bring aged parents as witnesses for the purpose of registration. You can bring available local friends as witness. Are you can request your Christian marriage consultant to arrange witness.

VAO certificate for Christian wedding registration in Chennai :

There is no law to insist VAO certificate for Christian wedding registration in Chennai.

But the same time, to avoid unnecessary troubles in future , some registrars will ask for VAO certificate to register Christian wedding under TM Act registration in rural area. But it is not required in Chennai to register through licensed pastors.

Where you can do Christian wedding registration smoothly in Chennai :

For various reasons, Chennai Vadapalani is the comfortable place to do Christian wedding registration in Chennai. Not only for Tamilnadu for entire India Chennai Vadapalani is the convenient place for Christian love marriage registrations. Because love marriage couples can get married simply on same day and there is a possibility to register and get marriage certificate also on same day.

So that many love marriage couples prefer Chennai for Christian marriage registration.

Christian second marriage registration in Tamilnadu :

Usually no church will entertain second marriages in Church premises. So that many second marriage couples prefer to do second marriages through licensed pastors in Tamilnadu.

Under which act Christian Love marriage will be registered :

Foreigner wedding can be registered under any one of following act :

  1. Tamilnadu wedding Act
  2. Special wedding Act
  3. Christian wedding Act

You can register under any one of above said act. But the Tamilandu Act act certificate only will carry couples photographs and it will be look more authenticated. So that many couples prefer TM act for Christian wedding registration in Chennai.

For all legal purpose, this TM certificate will be very useful and authenticated. But you have to visit sub registrar office to register it.

If you prefer Christian marriage act , no need to register office for registration. The pastors will register your marriage through online and on filing application , you can get marriage certificate from Inspector general of registration.

Parents presence:

Legally parents presence not required and there is possibility to do Christian wedding registration without both parents. You can manage without the parents even without any witness. Just both bride and groom presence is enough to complete the registration.

Wedding Registration procedure in Chennai :

Reach Chennai Vadapalani on your convenient date (your preferred date) and complete your smart and simple ceremony by exchanging ring/garlands. Visit Vadapalani sub registrar office on same day with required documents and witnesses and complete TM act registration process on same day. Usually one day is enough to complete the entire registration process. If possible plan to stay minimum two days to complete the process smoothly.

If you prefer Christian act , no need to visit register office. After ceremony both can leave immediately. After completing online registration process, you can go and collect marriage certificate in person or through authorized person.

If you not prefer to small ceremony, you have to wait another 30 days to compete the registration process. Better you can exchange the garlands and can complete the process on same day.

If you give 30 days’ notice, it will create unnecessary troubles in your registration.

How to apply certificate from IG office Chennai :

Once the Christian marriage registrar completed the online process you have to collect CRM number from your pastor.

Go to Inspector general of Registration office located at No.100, Santhome high road, Chennai-600028 and file copy application. Husband and wife or any authorized person can make application. Inspector general of Registration office will receive the application from morning 10 am to 1 pm. So visit Inspector general of Registration office at least before 12 noon.

When can get marriage certificate :

Usually you can get wedding certificate within 24 hours except special wedding registration.

Couples presence not compulsory to receive original wedding certificate. bride can leave immediately after registration.  Groom or any authorized person can collect the original wedding certificate.

For special marriage, it will take 30 days to get wedding certificate .Couples and witnesses should present twice before registrar.

Marriage certificate Attestation:

If you have any plan to apply any visa in near future, you can get attestation also in Chennai

After getting wedding certificate, you can get attestation for desired country.

Couples Presence not mandatory to get attestation. Only original wedding certificate and both passport copy is enough to get attestation.

How to face Love marriage problem:

Don’t disclose anything about your marriage and wait until receive certificate from Inspector general of Registration . Keep your marriage certificate in very safe place. Once the received the certificate from Inspector general of Registration, you are safe and you can show it to any authority or court of law for any protection.


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