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    6. Name change is compulsory if he wish to convert in to Christianity?

    Name change or religious is not necessary for Christian marriages.

    Becasue as per Christian Marriage act either must be a Christian.

    If bride or groom is an Christian then there is no necessary to convert and they can complete the Registration without conversion


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    What is the exact documents required for Special marriage registration in Chennai ?

    Doc.required‎ for‎ bride &‎ groom:
    1.Age‎ proof(TC,Mark‎ sheet‎ or‎ Birth‎ certificate)
    2‎ .Address‎ proof(passport‎ or‎ Aadhar‎ card‎ or‎ voter‎ id‎ or‎ DL
    3.passport‎ photo-4
    4.witnesses with ID proof- 3 Nos(witness presence required at the time of Marriage)
    Who completed 18 years can be a witnesses


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    How long will take to complete the Christian register marriage under Special marriage Act 1954 without local address proof and parents presence ?

    Special Marriage is always will take 30 days.

    If you want to complete the Registration in one day, you can go for Christian Marriage act Registration


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    Is it legally mandatory to produce local address proof ? Under which provision it is necessary for marriage registration in Tamilnadu ?

    For special Marriage, place of residence of bride and groom is the only jurisdiction .

    If you want register specifically under special Marriage, local address proof is compulsory.

    If you want to get married legally you can go for Christian Marriage Registration and local address proof is not mandatory. Also can complete the Registration process on same day.


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    Is the any Christian register marriage lawyer in Vadapalani to complete the registration process without parents and local address proof ?

    Contact pastor Joseph in 04442174033


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    There is 4 years age difference between bride and groom. It will be a problem ?

    Age difference is not at all a problem for register Marriage in Chennai.

    If they meet minimum age requirements, they can get married legally


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    9. Same day marriage will be valid if they dispute the marriage in court ? Because the girl parents are very influenced and they will take extreme steps to invalidate the marriage ?

    When you do the Registration under Christian Marriage, take photos and videos.

    If you do the ceremony at proper church/ hall and if you get the government Marriage certificate, then your relationship will be legalized and your marriage become made absolute.

    If anyone challenge your Marriage, you can can face all the problems legally with support of government Marriage certificate


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    Any additional document required for divorcee?

    Divorce decree is required if bride or groom is divorced Christian in tamilnadu.


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    Chennai churches will entertain remarriages ?

    Actually there are two categories in church marriages.

    1. Banns

    2. Licensee

    Usualled the marriage solemnized will be banns Marriage

    If the Marriage done by christain marriage registrar it will be called lincensee Marriage.

    Always churches will not entertain remarriages. For example for catholic Christians, they will ask for NOC from catholic bishop houses . It is not an easy task to get noc from bishop house.

    So that many Christian remarriage couples prefer to to do second marriage through licensed pastors in Chennai

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)

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